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※ This app is a trial version. We are currently working on improvements for the release of the final version.

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Notice of ownership, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy changes

Thank you very much for your continued use of Bmaps. This is to notify you that as of 12:00 a.m. on December 1st (Thu.), 2016, the owner of the navigation service (hereafter, “this service”) changed from The Nippon Foundation to CANPAN Center (hereafter, “our center”).

There will be no specific changes to the contents of this service as a result of this change. Moreover, our center and Mirairo Co., Ltd. will do everything within our power to make this service even more convenient for users. We hope that our users will continue to use this service.

For details about our center, please refer to our center’s website (http://www.canpan.jp).

Further, as a result of this change in ownership, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (hereafter, “Terms, etc.”) for this service changed at 12:00 a.m. on December 1st (Thu.), 2016.
The Terms, etc. following the change are as stated below.

New Terms of Use: view Terms of Use
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December 1st, 2016

About Bmaps
Bmaps is a service that shares information desired by a diverse range of users including people with disabilities, seniors, people using strollers, and foreigners when they are out and about.
A wide variety of people live in our society.
They all require different kinds of information.
Bmaps is a map service that shares information so that people can be out and about with peace of mind. It is a social project of a global scale.
Information that you gained while out and about is information that can assist diverse users to expand their range of possibilities.
What you can do with Bmaps
Create maps using everyone’s input
Share information on particular spots
Information on spots such as shops or establishments that are included in the service builds up with user input.
This information includes reviews that offer 5 grades for assessing comfort and 19 criteria for barrier-free information on facilities and characteristics.
Search for input by users who feel the same way as you
Refine your search
With Bmaps, you can check on an establishment using a variety of criteria.
Search reviews on the number of changes in level at an entrance according different physical characteristics (e.g.: wheelchair user).
People’s favorite places are revealed
Businesses and establishments with good reviews will receive many visitors.
Rankings are based on assessments that a spot was user-friendly. Use the rankings to find new spots.
Compete with users nationwide over the number of reviews you produce
Team competition
Form a team with other users.
Information builds up on Bmaps as users make contributions in a game-like spirit, competing over the number of reviews produced by their teams.
How to upload information
Find a spot
Use the map to find the place you are now or places you have visited in the past.
Count and enter the number of changes in level
Enter the number of changes in level at the building entrance for people using wheelchairs or strollers.
As the number of changes in level that can be negotiated varies from user to user, it is important to share information on the number.
Enter detailed information
Enter information on the facilities and characteristics of an establishment using the 19 users’ criteria.
Information that is useful to everyone—not only seniors and people with disabilities—is built up.
Take a photo and upload it
Users want information about the entire spot, but are particularly interested in photos of the entrance.
By uploading a photo, you enable other users to find out about the establishment in greater detail.
Information that can be shared using Bmaps
Reviews allow you to share information on how easy a shop or establishment was to use or how comfortable it was.
Facilities and characteristics
Using the 19 criteria that are desired by a variety of users, information on the facilities and the characteristics of a particular spot can be shared.
The criteria are as follows.
Characteristics related to mobility and comfort
The establishment does not have any changes in level and visitors can move around smoothly.
Does not have too much noise or ambient sound, so you can relax and talk.
Passageways are spacious (approx. 80 cm wide) and easy to move around.
A sufficiently bright environment, ensuring safety when moving.
Facilities that support access
General car park
Car parking is available.
Elevators are available.
Priority car parking
Car parking with the wheelchair symbol is available.
Wheelchair-lending service
Wheelchair-lending service is available.
A toilet environment that offers peace of mind
Wheelchair-accessible toilets
Toilet facilities equipped with handrails and with ample space for wheelchair-access are available.
Ostomate-accessible toilets
Has toilets equipped with ostomate sink.
Facilities to please mums & dads
Nursing room
A space for mothers to breast feed is available.
Stroller-lending service
Stroller-lending service is available.
Can be used with peace of mind by a variety of people
Service-dog accessible
Service-dog-friendly space.
Credit cards accepted
Credit cards can be used to finalize your purchase.
Universally acceptable manners
Provides a service that is appropriate to a wide range of people including seniors and people with disabilities.
e-money accepted
e-money can be used to finalize your purchase.
Other convenient facilities
Power socket
Power sockets are available for use.
No smoking / separate smoking area
The entire area is non-smoking or a separate smoking area has been provided.
Public Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi is available for use.
The kind of society Bmaps is creating
The Bmaps app is being developed
as a project to make barrier-free
information a reality.
With Bmaps, create a society in which anyone can be out and about with peace of mind
The “information barrier” is a problem that requires a solution for people with disabilities, seniors, people using strollers, and others who feel uneasy about moving around.
Bmaps aims to for its users to work together to collect barrier-free information on all manner of locations, including accommodation facilities and food & beverage establishments.
Let’s work together to create a service where everyone can easily check whether they’ll be able to visit the place they’re hoping to, and to create a society where all sorts of people can feel happy while they’re out and about.
Toshiya Kakiuchi, Mirairo Inc.
We are currently looking for organizations (companies, schools, governmental bodies) to use Bmaps (trial version).
If your organisation is interested in using Bmaps, please kindly get in touch via the inquiry form below.
※ Please use the same form to ask questions about Bmaps or to request an interview.
Inquiry form
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In the unlikely event that you should fail to hear back from us, we kindly request that you re-send your inquiry.
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